As I stepped outside about 2:30 this morning there were a few snow flurries dancing on the gusty breeze that is causing suck a ruckus with the wind chill this morning. It's true, this just might be the coldest Mardi Gras ever in South Louisiana. That's the bad news. The good news is we are going to warm up a little today, a lot tomorrow, then we're going to get cold again.

The forecast for today calls for high temperatures to make it into the middle 30s. That coupled with a lot of sunshine should take care of most of the frozen precipitation that is left from yesterday's storm. By Ash Wednesday, high temperatures will "soar" into the lower 50s. Then comes the rain.

Right now the forecast timing brings the best chance of rain, just regular rain not freezing rain, into the area late Wednesday afternoon. The rain should continue overnight and slowly decrease on Thursday morning.

Thursday morning you will likely wake up to the sound of your heating unit running again. As the forecast high for Thursday will only be 42 which will seem like a heatwave compared to yesterday and today. Friday morning low temperatures will be below the freezing mark in the upper 20s so don't uncover your plants just yet. By Saturday we should return to more seasonable conditions.

That should give you enough of a break in the weather to figure out which plants were killed in the freeze and which ones you'll just need to cut back. Or you could just wait a few more weeks until the end of February. That is usually when this part of Louisiana has its last killing frost. So, if you wait a few weeks you can get the spring and summer garden started again. With a minimal fear that Mother Nature is going to destroy your investment

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