What would you do if it's three in the morning, and you heard random laughter coming from your kitchen?

It's things like this that are happening with Alexa. People are rightfully freaked out about it. Some people are claiming that nothing is said before Alexa just busts out into laughter. I've seen Terminator. I know what happens next!

From USA Today, the explanation from Amazon:

“It turns out that in rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase “Alexa, laugh” even when that’s not what was said. Alexa then interprets the phrase as a command and laughs.

Amazon has changed the phrase necessary to make Alexa laugh to, “Alexa, can you laugh” which should be less likely to generate false positives.

In addition, Alexa will no longer respond to that question with simple laughter but instead will say, “Sure, I can laugh” followed by laughter.

The Alexa team has also disabled the phrase “Alexa, laugh” as a trigger.”

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