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Buckle up Shreveport / Bossier - the Polar Vortex gripping the area is dropping temperatures and frozen precipitation faster than an anchor on shore leave!  Some of us will have to rely on the remote work skills we learned during the pandemic - in fact some of us won't change work schedules at all "thanks" to COVID-19.

Quite a few things will change for everyone - but one that I think is a turn for the better is the food!  I love cold weather food.  I'll eat almost anything that's steaming hot, served in a bowl, and is most likely not the kind of stuff you get into when you're watching you're weight.

If you're down for some homegrown, piping hot, Louisiana style comfort food - you're in luck! I've rounded up you're absolute, must have list of foods that folks in the Sportsman's Paradise love the most when Jack Frost comes to town.  Just pick out what you want to warm you up during this cold snap and get to the grocery store before they run out of everything!

Foods Louisiana Loves When it Gets Cold

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