As petitions to secede from the U.S. are circulating across the country, middle school students at one Louisiana school have started a petition of their own.

According to this article, seventh and eighth graders at the Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences are fed up with First Lady Michelle Obama's new school lunch guidelines. So, the students started a petition stating their grievances.

Among their complaints are milk choices. They don't like that all choices are between low-fat milks, saying "choices between all low-fat milks is not a choice of beverage."

They also don't like the food portions, saying they are too small and, unlike a lot of Louisiana cuisine, aren't spicy enough. "It's $40 a month for food we barely even get," said one student. "We need spices," said another.

Their petition has been mailed to the secretary and deputy secretary of agriculture for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the deputy director for the Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion, Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter and Representative Rodney Alexander.