Since we're getting back to school now, maybe your kid can try this awesome science "magic" trick for the class.

In the video you see a hand putting pasta into a pot, then adding water. When he places the pot in the sink and turns the water on, one of the noodles seems to float up the water stream before he grabs it, turns the water off and tosses it back into the pot!

"The trick uses the special shape of fusilli pasta. The geometry of that noodles is similar to an Archimedean screwpump which makes the pasta swim against the water stream! The waterflow causes a rotation of the noodle which creates a force lifting the noodle upwards. This is the reason why the noodle seems to levitate.

If you want to recreate the experiment shown in the video you´ll need a pot, fusilli pasta and a sink. Please note: the diameter of the pot in relation to the amount of water and pasta is very crucial for this experiment to work."

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