15-year-old Quawan Charles of Baldwin was found dead by Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office Patrol Deputies and a law enforcement drone on November 3 near Loreauville in a sugarcane field and his family is waiting for answers on who killed him.

#JusticeforQuawan is calling attention to the gruesome pictures following his death. Out of respect to him and his family, we won't put that picture on our site but allow you to follow this link if you choose. On Twitter, many people are comparing his death to Emmitt Till, an African American boy who was lynched in the 1950's.

His family held a vigil for him last week, according to our news partners at KATC. They say he was last seen leaving his home in Baldwin with a friend and his friend's mom.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office says they continue to investigate the "suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a male juvenile" they do not identify as Charles but that the person was reported missing to Baldwin Police on October 30, according to our news partners at KATC.

His mother, Roxanne Nelson, told KATC that she "want(s) the lady who came to get my son without my permission, his dad's permission, to be held accountable...She took them to her house, he was alive and well when he was here, and now he is dead when he went to Loreauville to her house."

According to a press release obtained from the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office, investigators have interviewed multiple people and collected physical evidence which is being processed. The press release says they updated the parents on how the investigation was going and that they would continue to do so.

The family says they were told Charles drowned and now they’re working for an independent autopsy.

KPEL News called the number of the Iberia Parish Detective assigned to the case, Detective Jarred Spurlock (337-369-3711), around around 7:40 p.m. We were told by someone else who answered the phone that we would have to call back during normal business hours, which does not include Veteran's Day on Wednesday.

Gary Chambers, Co-Owner/Publisher at The Rouge Collection, has released information from a conversation with Eugene Weatherspoon Collins president of the Baton Rouge NAACP, that leads him to believe that Charles was lynched and a conversation that alleges that the Baldwin Police Department "did nothing" and "If they would have taken action, Quawan might still be alive today." KPEL News called Baldwin Police for comment but was told by dispatch that we would have to call back during normal business hours, which does not include Veteran's Day on Wednesday.



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