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One of the most terrifying forces on earth lives right down my street.  The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is capable of delivering incalculable destruction anywhere in the world.  This angel of death can fly 8,800 on a tank of gas, but thanks to in air-refueling - it can literally bring 70,000 pounds of fire and brimstone to any corner of the planet.

By far, the most powerful ordinance readily carried by the BUFF (Big Ugly Flying Fellow? Is that right?) is of the nuclear variety.  To be able to carry the burden of ultimate destruction responsibly, the various delivery systems used to for the U.S. Nuclear Triad (including the B-52) must meet very stringent standards.  That means lots of tests using the equipment as if it were "go-time."

One of, if not the, most important test of this nature was conducted at Barksdale Air Force Base late last month.  This specific test is required to make sure the B-52 systems can successfully launch the AGM-86 air-launched cruise missile.  As you can see the picture below, it can carry six of these subsonic nuclear spears.

B-52G Stratofortress aircraft
Getty Images

The crew loaded out 2 B-52's (in Bossier City, mind you) with these 1,500+ mile range, fire and forget, nuclear cruise missiles in order to make sure our birds could carry them an incredible 50 times during the test.  The incredible team at Barksdale passed with flying colors, and in doing so have have earned the the necessary certification to own the worlds scariest concealed carry license.

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