27-year-old Henry Lee Myers, Jr., of Baton Rouge is behind bars after a fight involving his wife began at a nightclub in Opelousas and ended with another person getting shot.

According to a press release from Opelousas Police, the shooting happened during the early morning hours of July 26th in the area of Academy and Blanchard Streets (AKA "The Back") after a fight between two females at a nightclub several blocks away. Authorities say the victim had intervened in that fight and also another fight between the same females at the scene of the shooting. Myers allegedly got into a fight with the victim - apparently because the victim kept getting involved with the fights - and allegedly shot that person multiple times.

Henry Myers, Jr., mugshot from Opelousas Police Department
Henry Myers, Jr., mugshot from Opelousas Police Department

With the help of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Myers was arrested Friday morning and was transferred to and booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail on one count of Attempted Second Degree Murder.

The victim, after undergoing several extensive medical procedures has been released from in-patient treatment.

Victim Nearly Shot While Trying to Recover Alleged Stolen Property From Opelousas Home

33-year-old Eric Jones of Opelousas has been arrested for allegedly shooting at someone who was trying to recover some alleged stolen property from a home in that city.

Turns out, not only is Jones being charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder in the incident, but he is a convicted felon who is not allowed to possess a firearm.


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