A video of an East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member is going viral after she appeared to be shopping while others spoke during a board meeting.

Bernard was already under fire with some members of the community for suggesting that those offended by the name of Lee High School should "learn a little bit more about" Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Bernard has since apologized for those comments, but not before publicly being taken to task by Gary Chambers, the publisher of The Rouge Collection who has gone viral for calling out Bernard.

According to The Advocate, Bernard claims she wasn't shopping, but instead, the images of clothing that she is seen scrolling through on her laptop was a "pop-up ad" that she failed to close while "struggling with technology" between her district-owned and personal computers.

I wasn’t shopping. I was actually taking notes, paying attention, reading online comments.

The board ultimately voted unanimously to come up with an alternate name for the school, which can be found in the full story here from The Advocate. Bernard walked out during Chambers' razor-sharp commentary but says it was because she needed to use the restroom. In a written statement, Bernard promised to be better moving forward.

My comments last week about the naming of Lee High School were insensitive, have caused pain for others, and have led people to believe I am an enemy of people of color, and I am deeply sorry. I condemn racial injustice in any form. I promise to be part of the solution and to listen to the concerns of all members of our community. I stand with you, in love and respect.

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