Let me tease you.

If you can't make it to Florida this weekend, let me help you cope with missing out on the beautiful sunsets from the beach.

DestinFlorida posted this beautiful video on Facebook and not only do you get the view of the sun setting in Florida, but you can also get the experience and sound of waves crashing along the shore.

By the way, the sounds of the waves is my absolute favorite thing about the beach. Sure, the sun and sand are great, but there's something about that "sound."

I know many are hoping to visit the Emerald Gulf Coast in the weeks or days ahead, but with some restrictions and all of this uncertainty during the pandemic, this may be closest we get to the beach for a while.

I highly encourage you to sit back and turn up the speakers. And if you're home, you may want to grab your favorite beach beverage and enjoy the scene.

This has to be what heaven is like.

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