iPhone users beware! There's a link to a video, that when played, will slowly crash your phone. Apple doesn't have a fix for it yet.

Just in case you have some really crappy friends, or enemies for that matter, we wanted to make you aware of a video that's going around that crashes your iPhone.

This video shows you what happens to your phone, and a possible fix for it.

Although Apple doesn't have a fix for the crash yet, doing a "hard restart" of your phone seems to fix the problem without any further issues.

In the video, it shows the link that is sent. After it's clicked, a video plays. Because of some kind of loop in the background, it starts to crash your phone...but you might not realize it!

You're able to close out of the video, open up other apps, and maneuver around your phone...for about 10 seconds. That's when you'll start to notice the lag, and eventual complete freezing of your phone.

The only thing to do from there is hold the power, and home buttons down at the same time until the device does a hard restart.

Watch the video below (No this is not the actual video that crashes your phone). It shows you what happens, and how to fix it, step by step.