A letter posted on the Wall Street Journal's website today by more than 80 of this country's largest corporations is urging Congress to cut the deficit.  CEO's of major companies including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Boeing and others want members of Congress to reduce the deficit by reforming the tax code and spending cuts.

My first thought was "Wow, great idea".  My second thought was "What the heck took you guys this long to come to these revelations?"  Supposedly intelligent giants of Wall Street and industry took this long to urge Congress to act.  Thank God they are not average hardworking, under educated stiffs otherwise they might never have determined we need to cut the deficit!  What was the tipping point that made these giants develop the cajones needed to publish this letter?  Have they all made enough money to give them the clarity of insight needed to see that this great Republic is going down the toilet?  Most of us everyday working people realized a long time ago that spending was out of control and now that we are trillions and trillions of dollars in debt to China these giants of business and industry want to help.

Makes me wonder if none of these men and women have talked to their Senators and Congressman on a personal level and offered to help.  Have they talked to members of Congress at all?  Has anyone in Washington asked for help from the people making millions of dollars for themselves, their companies and employees?  I don't know if any members of Congress have asked for enlightenment for the country but it looks like a few of them have gotten personal enlightenment.

For the first time, the richest member of Congress … had a net worth of more than $300 million,” CNBC.com reports, citing Roll Call’s annual list.  According to CNBC.com Rep. Nancy Pelosi ranks 13th on the list with a minimum net worth of $26.43 million.  While Rep. Michael McCaul with a net worth of  $290.5 million is number one.  Doesn't it seem like at least some members of Congress know how to manage and grow wealth?  Why are they not sharing their secrets with the leadership of this country?

I applaud the 80 CEO's for publishing their letter but I wish they could find a way to actually do something about the deficit.

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