Senator Bill Cassidy says Congress is working on another round of federal economic relief but feels the $600 a week federal unemployment benefit must be changed.

Cassidy says the unemployed must not be allowed to collect more in unemployment benefits than they made at their last job.

“The 600 dollar a week unemployment stipend pays many people more money to not work than to work. That’s not good for society, and it is not good for the individual,” says Cassidy.

Cassidy says one of his constituents says the unemployment benefits are making it difficult to staff their business as the economy begins to reopen.

“With unemployment the people who formerly worked for him are making more than they were working for him, now that just doesn’t work,” says Cassidy.

Cassidy says instead of pushing for additional federal benefits he’d like to see unemployed workers moved into job openings that are becoming available.

“There are jobs out there, I am speaking to employers who are telling me that they would hire if they could so hopefully some of those folks will find a place where they could be employed,” says Cassidy.

(Story written by Matt Doyle/Louisiana Radio Network)

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