U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany does not support pursuing articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama, though he would vote for it if the measure came up in the House of Representatives.

Boustany made the statement while answering a question from a listener during "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning."

"It won't go anywhere," Boustany said. "And all it will do is create more confusion and distraction from the problems that we've got."

Boustany said he agreed with House Speaker John Boehner's attempt to sue the president on a "host of issues, and we're trying to formulate those breaks in the law or violations where we see fit to bring to the court."

Congress must set a precedent to bring back balance between the executive and judicial branches, and Boustany said bringing a lawsuit to the Supreme Court sends the message that "no president--not this one and no future president--can take these kinds of steps to circumvent the law and circumvent Congress."

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