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Tips on How to Get the Most Marketing out of the Facebook Algorithm

It’s not magic, it’s not random, it’s science. Using Facebook to market your brand is like using any other tool in your arsenal. Back when the social media platform was strictly personal, it felt a little less intimidating, but now there are many gears turning away to make things work. The Facebook algorithm is what makes the whole ship go. From your personal updates to your carefully crafted brand conscious posts.

With all of the rules and guidelines, the Facebook algorithm can seem like a giant obstacle between you and some members of your audience. But like any other computer program, there is a trick to getting the Facebook algorithm to work for you and not against you.

You need to understand just what the Facebook algorithm is working to accomplish. It helps factors the placement in the News Feed, but how is it making those decisions? And what are the things Facebook recommends to get your post seen by the most eyeballs? Here are 6 tips you need to know about using the Facebook algorithm:


1. Think WHO, WHAT, and HOW

  • Facebook wants every user to see the posts that will be most interesting to them so the first thing the algorithm notes is WHO posted the content. The more someone likes your posts, the more posts they are going to see.
  • WHAT is the post all about. Facebook pays attention to behavior. If you post a recipe or a picture, that post will appear to people who tend to engage with posts about recipes and pictures.
  • HOW popular is the post becoming? The higher the engagement, the more people will see it.

Facebook actually uses those factors to score every update. The score can impact the value to members of your audience. Facebook’s value score will determine how posts are ordered in individual newsfeeds. It takes into account the human factor, and engagement helps determine the score.


2. Feed Quality Program

The Feed Quality Program allows them to evaluate the way the News Feed works based not only on what people do but on what people say. There’s the Feed Quality Panel, a test group of people who build their own News Feeds based on which stories are most interesting to them. Plus thousands of people take surveys every day.

With the panel and the surveys, Facebook measures how well they’re able to predict what people will do. It’s a lot of science and a little bit of trial and error.


3. Compelling Headlines

If people click through, Facebook takes note. Use headlines as a way to differentiate your brand.


4. Have a Conversation

Post things that will inspire engagement, don’t just stick to promos. Think tips, pictures, contests and stories. Things that people will “share” and “like.” The Facebook algorithm likes engagement.


5. Try NEW Things

Don’t try to reach the same people every time. Facebook is trying to predict who will engage with posts, so they will send your “recipe” posts to the people most interested. Your “coupon” posts could reach a whole new audience. The more you try, the more eyeballs you’ll attract.


6. Facebook Tools

Open the insights tab and take advantage of the information. Facebook will show you which posts worked and which didn’t. Take that information to heart. It’s all part of working with the algorithm.

Like anything else having to do with your brand, it’s part science and part effort. The Facebook algorithm is there to work for you and Facebook. With a little know-how and a lot of effort, your posts will soon light up those target News Feeds.

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