Father's Day 2020 is a special one for me as my wife Hannah and I await the birth of our first child - a baby girl we have already named Adalynn Grace Comeaux. We actually picked the name on our Honeymoon just over four years ago, as well as a name for a potential baby boy in the future.

This week, I was surprised and honored as my friend and broadcaster Scott Brazda of KATC asked me if he could feature me and my expanding family on his "Spirit of Acadiana" segment, one of a series of segments on fathers leading up to Father's Day.

I hope you enjoy the feature by WATCHING BELOW. And thank you to Scott and KATC for making a special moment that I'll be able to show Adalynn one day.


(Copy from Feature)

Scott Brazda: "Dial up 96.5 FM in the Acadiana area, and you might hear something like this: 'Your complete forecast is coming up for KPEL news, I’m Brandon Comeaux, our top story… '

Radio broadcaster is the job. But in terms of life, the top story for Brandon Comeaux is right around the corner.

Not so long ago, Brandon and his wife Hannah received a special announcement: The Comeaux's are going to be parents."

Brandon Comeaux: “So, my wife and I are having our very first baby, a baby girl. Due in October, October 28th, and we’re very excited.”

Scott Brazda: "Introducing Adalynn Grace Comeaux, and already, ALREADY, she is the apple of her daddy’s eye.

Married for four years, Brandon and Hannah thought they’d wait a few years before they started a family, but divine intervention has decided now is the right time."

Brandon Comeaux: “There are times we still catch ourselves and say, ‘Wow. We are about to have a baby girl’.”

Scott Brazda: "He’s been reading up on fatherhood, and knows in his heart that, '…it’s more of an honor, an honor more than anything else to be called a ‘father’.”

There so many emotions running through Brandon Comeaux’s mind. And he thinks about his own father, and can’t wait to pass along his dad’s ongoing message of parental faith and support.

Brandon Comeaux: “And that’s one thing I want to take away from him: that I want my daughter to know that I believe in her and think the utmost of her. No matter what’s going on in the world, I want her to always know that her daddy loves her and her daddy thinks the world of her.”

Scott Brazda: "He can’t wait for the tea parties, for the games and the playing. Can anyone doubt that come late October Brandon Comeaux will be an amazing father?"

Brandon Comeaux: “Am I nervous? Just slightly.. Honestly, I’m more excited than anything else. I just can’t wait. I really can’t wait to meet her.”