Don Briggs' 26 year run as the President of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association is coming to an end. Briggs says he’ll remain active, because he is concerned about the lost jobs in the industry. He blames Governor Edwards for support lawsuits the oil companies for their role in damaging the state’s wetlands. Briggs said several investors from New York were ready to invest."These people were going to put up several hundred million.  But when they got down here and found out about the lawsuits that the Governor is encouraging,  they said, "There's no way we can risk our capital in south Louisiana."

Briggs reflects on his time as LOGA President with fondness. He says the industry has made contributions to Louisiana. Briggs says after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, they raised over a million dollars to provide housing, fuel and transportation for hurricane victims.
"This past year and a half, we've built 25 homes, built them from the inside up, that got flooded during Katrina, Rita and all the other hurricanes."
Briggs hopes there will be changes so the oil industry can operate without so many regulations that will encourage jobs growth in Louisiana.
"I meet with individuals that are very unhappy, distraught, depressed and without hope in them.  We need to put people back to work in south Louisiana and it's not happening."