A highly contested debate over the name of Lafayette Parish's new high school should be decided tonight.

The Lafayette Parish School Board is scheduled to vote on whether the new high school, that will serve the parish's south side, will be named Youngsville High, or anything but.

Spokeswoman for the City of Broussard Amy Jones spoke with KPEL's Rob and Bernie this morning on the contentious argument.

Jones said on Acadiana's Morning News the debate over the new school's name has been a very emotional one, but the debate over the name can be easily solved with logic, not emotion.

"If you take the emotion out of it and just look at the facts of what this situation is," Jones said. "It is pretty simple to see that  it should be a school that should be inclusive and representative of the student population that will make it up."

Though the new school will be located within the corporate limits of Youngsville, Jones said two-thirds of the student body will consist of students who do not live in Youngsville.

Jones stressed the City of Broussard's involvement in the matter is not just as a municipality commenting on the debate. She said the growing city has contributed $51 million in sales taxes and $33 million in property taxes to the Lafayette Parish School System from 2012 through February 2016. She said, during the same period Youngsville contributed $16 million in sales taxes and $11 million in property taxes to the school district.

"Without a doubt, this school is being built on the backs of taxpayers of the City of Broussard," Jones said.

On Monday, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter and Councilman Matt Romero told Rob and Bernie the school is being built in Youngsville. Therefore, the school should be named for Youngsville.

The school board should make a final decision on the matter at tonight's meeting that should host a throng of supporters from either side of the argument. Cick the button below to hear their side of the argument from the KPEL studio.

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