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We had a brutal, record-breaking summer and it was hard to imagine freezing temperatures and cold winds when we were dealing with brutal heat and weeks of triple-digit temperatures, but that may well be what we have in store for us, according to Farmers Almanac.

Snowmageddon of 2021

For most of us, the memories of February 2021 are still vivid in our minds.  We were actually snowed in for most of that historic week.  And we were snowed in without power and without water as pipes froze and burst. And while emergencies and disasters bring out the best in us, it also tends to show the worst.  People were hoarding supplies like bottled water like it was pure Iranian Beluga Caviar.

In much of Louisiana, we are just not prepared to deal with severe winter conditions.  Although I prefer the cold over the hot... there's a reason, (actually there are several), that I don't live in Minnesota or North Dakota.  But, of those reasons, the winter weather would be near the top of the list.

Farmer's ALmanac
Farmer's Almanac

Winter Forcast for Louisiana

What caused the extreme heat last summer? And why is the upcoming winter expected to be another harsh one?  Farmer's Almanac is forecasting above-normal precipitation with colder-than-normal temperatures for Louisiana. This is because of the El Nino over the Pacific Ocean. The El Nino is also what caused the extremely hot temperatures over Louisiana. The Farmer's Almanac predicts that there is the possibility of a winter storm moving into our area in late January, which could be categorized as a major winter storm. It's still too early to know if it will be anything like Snowmageddon of 2021, but here's hoping it's not even close.

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