Drivers in the North Louisiana Parishes of Natchitoches, Bossier, Red River, and Webster be warned, there will be some traffic issues on your roadways for the next four days. The oversize burn chamber that will eventually put an end to the explosives nightmare at Camp Minden is finally on the road. It had been making its way toward Camp Minden via Louisiana waterways. 

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development spokesperson Cindy Dorfner says moving the large piece of equipment into place is going to take several days. Drivers along the installation route can expect delays while the unit crawls along at a top speed of 15 mph.

This thing is massive, it’s about 180 feet long, about 25 feet tall, 27 maybe and then 25 feet wide. It’s just humongous.

In her comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Dorfner said the journey is really expected to impact traffic on Wednesday when the convoy reaches South Bossier. There will be intersections shut down and traffic will have to be rerouted. She also says because of its unique size and structure there will most likely be some rubberneckers around the convoy too. Dorfner is asking that motorist avoid the convoy route when they can.

Not only is there really nothing to see and they’re not throwing Mardi Gras beads from it so there is nothing to catch from the burn chamber but it really is just going to add to the traffic.

Speaking of the convoy route if you'd like to know when and where the equipment will be crawling on roadways that could affect your travels you can visit the LaDOTD website for the route and projected times of travel. Many utility companies will be assisting the convoy by raising power lines and moving other items out of the way so the massive piece of equipment can squeeze through.

If all goes well it should arrive in Camp Minden on Thursday.

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