President Obama is set to take another bus tour, this time to promote his jobs bill...again.  The White House is insisting that this tour has nothing to do with reelection and has more to do with getting his bill passed in Congress.  One wonders then why his tour makes a swing through North Carolina and Virginia, both states that he carried in 2008 and would like to carry next year as well.  The White House was quick to point out the fact that the President's campaign to keep his job was not paying for the trip, but that taxpayers were, so that means it has nothing to do with his campaign.

The President has also chosen the home state of Eric Cantor, one of the House leadership on the Republicans side, but this has nothing to do with politics, or so the White House claims.

Make no mistake that this trip has everything to do with the campaign.  Why else would you visit states that you think are going to be in play next year when the election comes around?

Everything that this White House has been doing for the last several months has been about the campaign for reelection.  The bus tour should be paid for by the campaign rather than the taxpayer, because I fail to see how President Obama speaking about his jobs plan...again...has anything to do with our well-being in other parts of the country when he is choosing two, potentially, swing states.

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