A viral video out of Judice, LA is making its rounds on social media for its "Cajun ingenuity."

Cypress Melville has always heard her dad talk about cleaning the culverts out on their family farm, but she's never actually seen how the job is done along their private road.

She currently lives on the same property where she was born and raised. Her father was raised on that property, and so was his father. This means that for generations the Clark family has been cleaning out those culverts.

According to Cypress, when it comes to her dad, Mr. Randal Clark, "the wheels are always turning"—so while there is no telling how he originally learned how to clean out these culverts, he has definitely come up with an effective method that is racking up big views on social media.

Mr. Randal usually cleans out the culverts annually, so this time around Cypress had the camera rolling.

Cypress tells me that she first posted the video on Snapchat where she first noticed that she was getting reactions to the video from friends who never send messages or reply to her stories. From there she decided to post it on Facebook—and the video exploded.

I was amazed how many people enjoyed or were intrigued by the video. I first posted it to my SnapChat and friends that never "chat" were sending me messages about it: "that's was so satisfying" "only Randal - lol" "that was genius" etc. So I decided to post it to facebook, but NEVER thought it would go viral. Within an hour it had over 1,000 shares and people were blowing up my private messages.

People were so intrigued by Randal's culvert cleaning and peppered Cypress with questions ranging from "how he got the chain through the culvert in the first place," to "whether or not they cleaned the mud out of the ditch."

Cypress also told me that this is only one of many interesting things her dad does that qualifies as a "Randal Riggin."

I think there are a lot of things my dad does that we consider "normal" but others would be mind blown - LOL! Around our house we call the things he does "Randal Riggin" bc it doesn't matter what problem/situation comes up if you give Randal enough time - he will have some kind of solution.

By the way, Cypress plans on answering those questions I mentioned earlier with a couple of new videos that we might be seeing sooner than later on her social media.

My biggest question on Snap, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok was "how did he get the chain through". So my plan is to do another video showing the tools he used. And people also want to see the cleared culvert, so maybe I will include that too.

I looked up "cleaning culverts" on YouTube and from what I could gather, this method seems to be exclusive to Louisiana or the south in general, as the majority of videos seemed to involve a long tool and the one video using a tire belonged to someone with the last name "LeBlanc."

In a region where drainage and flooding is so important, this is a very useful hack to have on standby to make sure your ditches and culverts stay cleaned out and ready to perform at maximum efficiency.

Cajun ingenuity, ladies and gentleman. Ain't nothing like it.

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