LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Let's be clear here: Lafayette's food scene should be nationally renowned. It deserves to be. Sure, New Orleans is all anyone talks about, but there is so much good here that we should be getting a ton of coverage.

There are times when some quality food-based television visits Lafayette and has one heck of an experience, and the restaurants that get exposure are worthy of the airtime. We just, you know, wanna see more of it.

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So whenever someone from Food Network or any other outlet swings through, it's always a celebrated event. Here are some of the restaurants in Lafayette that have gotten such national attention.

Pop’s Poboys: Man vs. Food

On an episode of Man vs. Food a few years ago, Pop's Poboys was prominently featured ahead of the big food challenge held elsewhere in Lafayette. The show's host was happy to taste one of the biggest and boldest sandwiches on the menu.

Izumi Ramen: Man vs. Food

Izumi Ramen was also featured in the episode, home to a spicy challenge meal: The Devil Bowl.

The Devil Bowl Challenge features Izumi’s some intense spices - including spicy miso, chili peppers, spicy pork bell - along with onions, nori, bamboo shoots, a hard-boiled egg, corn, and noodles. Customers have to sign a waiver before attempting the challenge. To win, customers have to finish it within 15 minutes.

Johnson’s Boucaniere: Food Paradise

Johnson's Boucaniere was once featured on an episode of the show Food Paradise. In the episode, which was titled "Bang For Your Buck," the local barbecue joint was highlighted for both its flavor and its cost-effectiveness.

And that is something we can all agree to, right?

You can watch the full episode here.

Viva La Waffle Truck: Eat Street/Man v. Food Nation

Viva la Waffle is no longer a food truck in Lafayette, but when it was, it was featured on two shows with national audiences. These days, Viva La Waffe is a brick-and-mortar that is popular with its fans and is still growing, thanks to a recent partnership with some other noted Lafayette restauranteurs.

Prejean’s Restaurant: Food Paradise/Man vs. Food

One of the most recognized names in local food, Prejean's definitely earned a spot on at least one show, but it's actually been featured on two. Both Food Paradise and Man vs. Food have shown what the noted Cajun restaurant has to offer.

Did you miss this episode? Don't worry it will be played again a few times in the next coming weeks, you can see the schedule here.

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