LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The restauranteurs behind a popular local pizza chain and the growth of Cajun dining staple are working on their next project - one that could change the waffle game in Lafayette.

Restauranteurs Tim and Greg Metcalf are joining the team at Viva La Waffle in Lafayette to revamp the options at the restaurant, and have brought in Chef Jason Daniels, as well. Among those changes is another local partnership that makes great sense: Reve Coffee.

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"This is the first time this group, including Chef Collin Cormier, has worked together, and are introducing a full line of coffee to the Viva menu," the Metcalfs said in a statement on Tuesday. "They have partnered with Reve for fresh, locally roasted, custom coffee beans. Priced fairly and with flavors on point, this lineup of coffee is sure to please."

Viva La Waffle
Photo courtesy of Guz Rezende, Facebook

Other menu changes include "halfsies" (half-waffle sandwiches) and budget-friendly options for customers.

Tim Metcalf first announced the partnership on the Moon Griffon Show on Friday, May 31. Tuesday's statement formalizes that announcement, and is leaving folks excited about Viva La Waffle's future.

Viva La Waffle began as a food truck in Lafayette and eventually opened a brick-and-mortar location at a former Dix Daiquiris location in town. Started by Collin Cormier, the food truck became one of the most popular in Lafayette.

The brick-and-mortar location has also been popular among its fans in Lafayette, but the new partnership with the Metcalfs promises to inject new life and new management into the familiar name.

The Metcalf group is the powerhouse restauranteur team behind Deano's in Lafayette, which has expanded over the years and now includes a drive-in location in Henderson, Louisiana. They are also responsible for taking over ownership of Prejean's, revamping its offerings, and opening a second location in the southern part of the parish.

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