There is a big ole baby boom in Carencro; at least at the Carencro Fire Department.

A firehouse in Glenpool, Oklahoma has twenty firefighters, and in one year, they welcomed seven new babies into their families.

Well Community Chronicles, the paper covers stories in North Lafayette Parish and in St. Landry Parish along with areas in between, found out that among 30 mostly volunteer firefighters in Carenco, there has been a baby boom in the last 18 months.

One baby was adopted (not pictured here), one is on the way, and ten other babies were born!

When you volunteer to be a firefighter, you get a radio that goes off all night to respond to all types of emergencies.

You have to appreciate anyone who will do that when they have regular jobs, and they have brand new babies!!! I mean, they are already heroes because they are firefighters, but they are also responsible for bringing all this cuteness into the world! I LOVE good news!

In addition to the picture we have with this story, we invite you to check out the Community Chronicles when their issue hits news stands around the 7th of July. Their feature article in the issue will be all about the babies and their firefighter parents. The article will include multiple pictures of all of them.

Publisher of Community Chronicles, Stacy Judice says it was an exciting and fun story to do. She says there were so many babies she had to call Josette Savoie with Lasting Impressions Photography to photograph all these beautiful babies and their families.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see more of these bouncy babies! What are all their names, do they play well together and do they know why this boom has happened?


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