Scott Police Chief Chad Leger, one of the candidates for Lafayette Parish Sheriff, decided to issue a statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Leger believes our government should be doing a full review of our current Syrian Refugee Program.

The chief believes that there must be much stronger vetting of people who are in the program and want to settle in America.

Here is Leger's statement:


"With the devastating terror attacks in Paris on Friday, we all stand with the victims and their families. The news media is reporting that ISIS is responsible for the horrific attacks.
France’s decision to close their borders underlines our need to protect ourselves here at home. That means significantly improving our enforcement of US immigration laws and shutting down sanctuary cities.

I join our US Senators, and leaders across the state in my commitment to keeping our communities safe from those who would come to our nation to do harm to our people.
With the recent news that President Obama is bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S., there is real concern that violent criminals and terrorists could be among those who are actually in need of humanitarian assistance. Many of those refugees are coming into Louisiana and the first group has already arrived in New Orleans.

I believe it is very important to help those in need, but I have serious concerns about whether those being brought into our state and parish are being properly vetted. There are real questions about the protocols regarding who comes here under this program. It is essential that we make sure that those entering the United States are exactly who they say they are. I am calling for a review of the Syrian Refugee program.

In my role as Chief of Police in Scott, and as Sheriff, I will work with our new Governor, legislators, congressional delegation and City-Parish President to make sure we address these concerns. I will start by ensuring our parish is no longer considered a sanctuary city and is in full compliance with immigration laws.

I take my oath to protect and to serve very seriously. My top priority is, and always will be, protecting our people here at home."


Leger and Mark Garber face each other in this Saturday's election for Lafayette Parish Sheriff.

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