Chef Pat Mould joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and warned of the dangers of hot weather and food safety.

According to Chef Mould many food-borne germs grow and sicken people due to unsafe practices that start in the shopping cart.  Aside from cooking foods to the proper temperature and refrigerating properly, Chef Mould says some people start a bacteria factory before they get home.  Mould said,

"With a shopping trip that removes food from a cold environment, transfers it for a 20 minute ride in a shopping cart, then a 30 minute ride home in a hot car many foods arrive at home with the beginnings of illness for all that will be served.  Many times the food is prepared and left out on a picnic table for hours to increase the chance it will be contaminated."

Chef Mould suggested food be cooked to the proper temperature or refrigerated as soon as possible.  Once the food is cooked he recommended that it be served as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth.

Listen to the interview for more important food safety tips: