Tonight in New Iberia, State Senator Freddie Mills along with State Representatives Simone Champagne and Taylor Barras will be holding a public hearing to discuss the affects of the Jefferson Island Storage and Hub on the Aquifer.Senator Mills joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" to share information with the public, as the decision concerning the storage issue would affect 20 parishes as the Chicot Aquifer provides water to those areas. The Senate Environmental Quality Committee is holding the hearing about using water from the aquifer, to hollow out caverns for the storage of natural resources. Senator Mills wants the public to comment on whether or not they believe using millions of gallons of drinking water, as AGL Resources would like to do, would be the right use of resources.

Mills says he wants citizens to come to the meeting at the Sliman Theatre in New Iberia tonight at 5:30, so their thoughts on the issue can be heard.

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