Noted black conservative Reverend CL Bryant joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a number of items all relating to race relations in 21st century America.

We noted that Trayvon Martin's father appeared in front of the new Congressional Caucus of Black Men and Boys yesterday and asked Reverend Bryant why we need a Caucus of Black Men and Boys and if these things were divisive.  Bryant replied,

Yes these things are divisive and it's by design.  I had hoped that the parents would not allow themselves to be used as pawns of 'the left'.  Evidently they're going to allow themselves be used...We understand what it is to be a parent.  I understand that, but to be used by people who really are looking at train wrecks across the country is unmerited.

We asked Bryant if President Obama was living up to his name of 'Race Baiter in Charge' for making the comment that 35 years ago he could have been Trayvon Martin and Bryant said,

Let me give you a little history and this and why this so hypocritical.   You remember the Black exploitation films that came out in the late 60's and early 70's?  They presented the black man as angry militants...he was trouble.  That has evolved into 'gansta rap' and the President makes a statement, basically white folks, paraphrasing, white folks are afraid of black men.  Doors are locked, women clutch their purses and so forth.  Guess what, we did have a hand in creating and embracing that particular image...This gave people some warped idea they were being respected.  If you listen to today's 'gansta rap' the fear is what they want to instill because somehow, twistedly they think that gets them respect.  Let me tell everybody you can't be a 'gansta' and respectful at the same time and there's where the conversation needs to start.

According to Bryant,

There is no epidemic of white men killing black children but there is an epidemic of black on black crime and we need to address that.

Listen to the interview:

Bryant urged everyone, black or white to visit and sign the petition to urge the NAACP to stop silencing black conservatives.

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