Reverend C.L.  Bryant was our guest today on 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' to discuss his movie 'Runaway Slave' and an upcoming book.  'Runaway Slave' produced by Rev. Bryant will premiere in Dallas, Texas on June 19, 2012 with Glenn Beck introducing the movie.


Rev. Bryant said,

"This is a film that encourages everyone to flee economic slavery and run towards the blessings of liberty that are contained in our constitution.  Even though it speaks to all Americans it targets Black-Americans who have been under the spell of the liberal agenda for the last fifty years.  If we are not careful we are all going to fall under that spell if we fail to do what we need to do during this election cycle."

According to Rev. Bryant just over fifty percent of the American population receives some sort of government assistance in the form of welfare, pensions or disability payment so fifty percent of us are working to provide that assistance and this cannot be sustained much longer.

On the topic of religious freedom, Bryant said he is not advocating anarchy but it's time for Americans to go on the offensive to defend our rights to practice our religion as we see fit without fear of repression.

His upcoming book 'Run Harder' spotlights those Americans who have had to run harder to gain financial freedom.


Listen to the interview: