Quick, what significant events affected Louisiana in 2005? I am guessing if you've been here since then you immediately answered Katrina and Rita. The effects of those two powerful hurricanes are still affecting business in Louisiana. CLECO is one of those businesses that appear to now finally be ready to let go of the storms.

CLECO announced yesterday that beginning with customers March 1st bill a Katrina and Rita storm restoration charge will no longer appear. That charge, which averages out to about $3.75 a month for the average CLECO customer should result in savings of slightly less than $50 annually.

As you might imagine having two back to back major hurricanes across the CLECO footprint resulted in some serious damage to infrastructure. The money generated from that storm restoration fee went to help cover the utility's costs incurred during that time.

It's estimated that CLECO used 3400 workers over 29 days for Katrina and 2400 workers for 11 days in the recovery from Rita. If you have a question about this fee or how it has affected your CLECO bill contact their billing department.

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