Hillary Clinton has made history as becoming the nation's first female presidential candidate on a major political party ticket.

The heated race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination leaves one burning question--what now for Bernie Sanders?

Veteran journalist Donald Mazzella spoke with Rob and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News today to discuss Sanders' future and

Sanders is scheduled to visit the White House today to speak with Pres. Barack Obama. "What will they discuss?" you ask. Mazella says he expects Obama to convince Sanders to concede from the spotlight.

Mazella expects Sanders to appear at the Demoratic National Convention in Philadelphia to speak in support of his Democratic counterpart.

The other big question on the Democratic side of the race is, "What will become of Sanders' supporters?"

If on Election Day, Sanders' supporters stay home, rather than cast a vote for Clinton, Mazzella speculates, Donald Trump wins the presidency.

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