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It seems like the United States is more divided than ever.  Politics in general have driven a wedge into a crack (that kinda already existed), and split the country up into two gigantic dodge ball teams that have been firing red-rubber headshots at each other non-stop for a while now.

With the presidential election less than a month away, that divide seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day.  For those among us that are single and looking to mingle, that adds another item to the already lengthy mental checklist they go through when considering a romantic relationship.

Interestingly, Time's latest report on the matter (using data from Pew Research,, and YouGov) shows that it isn't as cut and dry as one would assume.  According to a survey conducted earlier this year, 45% of respondents said that they would still consider dating someone who aligned themselves with the opposite party.  After scrolling through the comments on a few choice Facebook posts, that number seems pretty high to me.

The percentages change, of course, when you narrow it down to a specific person.  For example:  70% of Democrats that answered said that it would be an absolute deal-breaker if the person they were considering dating had voted (or planned to vote) for Donald Trump.  Compare that to 45% of Republicans that say the same about those who cast their vote for Hillary Clinton during the last election (numbers involving the date-ability of Biden supporters was not available at this time).

The one thing that most of those polled had in common was this:  86% said that it is definitely harder dating someone with a different political ideology in 2020.  The other 14% were presumably arguing on Facebook.

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