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As high school students in Louisiana start to wind down the school year, Seniors (and some Juniors) are looking ahead to their next step in life. For many, that will include college. Meaning its decision time for plenty of students, and parents, in our state.

But picking a college in today's world is a big deal. The cost of education is getting out of control, and college graduates are paying predatory student loans for decades after they graduate college. So making sure you find a school that will payoff in the long run is very important. Students need to find a school with a good return on investment, or ROI.

The data collection site used research from Georgetown University to rank out the schools here in Louisiana by that exact metric; return on investment.

In their research, they took into account the "net present value", or NPV, for each school. They looked at what that number turns into over a 10-year and 40-year span. Reflecting how much a degree from each university would be worth over a lifetime.

Stacker states that schools that specialize in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields generally have a higher ROI for graduates. They add that workers in STEM fields, on average, earn twice what the average US employee makes.

You can see the Top 10 rankings of Louisiana colleges right here:

Colleges With The Best Return On Investment In Louisiana

These are the top colleges in the state ranked by their return on investment. The measurements come from the data website, who used research from Georgetown University to build their rankings.

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