Seemingly to take more wind out of Senator Mary Landrieu's sails Congressman Bill Cassidy has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline application was submitted to the U.S. State Department six years ago with the House passing legislation 8 times to authorize the pipeline. The Senate however is yet to bring the pipeline up for a vote.

Congressman Cassidy said,

The House has passed legislation to expedite the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline eight times. The Senate did not consider any of the the eight. I will now pass a bill identical to the bill the Senate is said to consider to push this issue forward. If the Senate also passes the bill it can go straight to the President's desk for signature. It is easy to wonder if the Senate is only considering this because of politics, even so, I hope the Senate and the President do the right thing and pass this legislation creating thousands of jobs. When I'm on the Senate Energy Committee next year, I will work to ensure the President follows the law and allows the construction of this pipeline.

Today it was rumored that the Senate would finally bring the Keystone Pipeline up for a vote to strengthen Senator Mary Landrieu's position.

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