You've had a cough due to postnasal drip, is it okay to swallow the mucus that comes up? Swallowing phlegm sure seems easier than having to find a way to remove it from your mouth each time you cough. But is it okay to do that or are you making yourself sicker?

Dr. Bradley Chastant, senior partner of Acadian ENT in Lafayette, says,

"It is perfectly fine unless the mucus is discolored or extremely heavy."

The majority of us don't realize it, but there are gallons of mucus draining into our stomachs weekly. It's a natural bodily function taken care of by the digestion process.

In addition, the hairs in your nose act as a filter for the air you breathe but they are also there to push mucus toward the back of your throat. So unless you are coughing up discolored or heavy mucus, swallowing is not a bad thing.

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