This guy wasn't having it.

Watch as a contractor destroys the work he just completed in someone's bathroom after he wasn't paid for his work.

The man in the video below is seen using a sledgehammer while destroying a shower and more in the bathroom, where he had just complete his work.

You can hear someone in the background pleading with the contractor to stop breaking things, but that plea seems to fall on deaf ears.

YouTube Viralhog

In an interview, which you can see HERE, the homeowner notes that she paid this man $3,300 of the $7,500 bill and now she plans on taking him to court after he did this.

The homeowner says that damage was also done to a room adjacent to the bathroom, thus that is why she is taking the contractor to court.

YouTube Viralhog

As for the person who was pleading with this man to stop, that was the neighbor of the homeowner.

Here's the video of the contractor destroying the bathroom that he has just remodeled. Now, I am anxiously awaiting to see how the court rules on this case.


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