Bradley Byrd wants answers.

The Milltown, Indiana man has the internet mad as heck right now as he seeks an explanation from Cracker Barrel as to why his wife Nanette was fired after working at the restaurant for 11 years.



The trolling that has ensued on social media is literally some of the best I've seen in recent memory. A quick look at the comments on all their recent Facebook posts will have you in tears as they are all cleverly spun into seeking justice for Brad's wife.


To make matters worse—she was fired on HIS birthday!

The #JusticeForBradsWife movement began when comedian Amiri King shared the unfolding situation on his Facebook page.

Since then, people have bombarded the official Cracker Barrel Facebook page demanding answers (but mostly trolling) as to why Brad's wife was let go.



There is a petition that is nearing 10,000 signatures, at which point it will be officially delivered to Cracker Barrel's corporate office.

Cracker Barrel hasn't publicly acknowledged the situation and for the most part they have continued their regular automated social media posting. But that hasn't stopped social media users seeking justice in the comments—even if it's just a picture of pancakes.

While many have left reviews (both good and bad) praising Brad's wife as an amazing server on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page, it should be noted that she was a retail manager—but it doesn't seem to be hindering the trolling in the least bit.


Someone even edited the Cracker Barrel Wikipedia page to reflect the recent move.


At the time of this post, Cracker Barrel has yet to say why Brad's wife was fired, but he isn't even close to backing down.


... and neither is the internet. #stillwaiting