political blogger Walt Bennetti joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed:

  • UL win over Tulane in the R&L Carrier Bowl
  • The Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty Controversy
  • The Wall Street Journal says Senator Mary Landrieu talks out of both sides of her mouth

We stated our surprise at Tulane actually playing in a post season bowl game and Bennetti said,

Curtis Johnson, who used to coach the Saints, he was a wide-receivers coach with the Saints has recently turned things around down there.  Ironically Tulane is moving into a new stadium next year so they won't be in the Superdome any more they'll have their own stadium.  Hopefully that will spur attendance.

This past week the A&E network announced they were placing Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty series on hiatus after comments he made in a GQ interview surfaced.  According to Bennetti,


It is either the greatest publicity stunt in the history of the world or they were actually offended.  I was personally happy there was a reversal yesterday by Cracker Barrel so I don't have to cancel my reservations for Christmas dinner.

Earlier in the program we registered our surprise that Tulane was involved in the R&L Carrier Bowl against UL and at the conclusion of our interview Bennetti had to admit his surprise upon agreeing with the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal on Friday had an article where they talked about the duplicity of Mary Landrieu.  How Mary Landrieu claims to be the Democratic Party's fiercest ally for the oil and gas industry while simultaneously using her political action committee to fund the democratic campaigns of liberals who hate the oil and gas industry.  Over a six year period Landrieu's PAC gave $380,000 to senators like Illinois' Dick Durbin, Florida's Bill Nelson, who despises offshore oil drilling, and California's Barbara Boxer.

You can hear all of Bennetti's comments by clicking below to listen to the entire interview:

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