David Henneberry became an unlikely hero in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Now, the public can give him a big "thank you."

Henneberry is the Watertown, Massachusetts man who found bloodstains on his boat where Dzhokhar Tsarneav was hiding last week. Henneberry called police, a key move that eventually led to the heart-stopping capture of Tsarnaev.

Authorities shot up the boat in order to apprehend Tsarnaev. Now, grateful people are rallying to get Henneberry a new boat.

Several online campaigns have popped up to help him, including one on Facebook and another on Crowdtilt.com, which has raised over $7,600 to date. One man in California named Richard Bliss was so overcome by Henneberry’s story that he’s started his own movement, which has already brought in over $600.

The police chief in Watertown says he even received a call from a man in Detroit offering to buy a new boat altogether.

One thing is clear: Henneberry definitely needs a new ride. One of his neighbors says the boat was splattered with so many bullets it looks like "Swiss cheese."

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