Senator J.P. Morrell authored the bill which would eliminate death penalty case if the crime occurred after August 1st 2018. Catholic Bishop Shelton Fabre testified in favor of the measure. He says the death penalty perpetuates a cycle of violence.

“Ending the death penalty is not about public policy or even public opinion for that matter though there are many reasons to end the death penalty,” says Fabre.

Fabre says the death penalty is just matching violence with violence.

“It sadly simply perpetuates the cycle of violence, the culture of death that must be changed to the culture of life,” Fabre testified.

The new law provides for life in prison instead of a death sentence.

The vote was 4-1 in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Heather Beaudoin, National Coordinator of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, issued the following statement:

"Conservative Republican legislators supporting death penalty repeal in Louisiana reflects the trend we are seeing across the country. Conservatives want policies that are fiscally responsible, limit the size and scope of government, value life, and help victims. The death penalty fails on all counts.”