This past weekend was Deion Sanders' last weekend as the Head Coach of JSU and since his decision to go to Colorado, Coach Prime has received pushback. This weekend he responded to his critics.

In a 4-minute rant, Sanders addressed how he did what he promised he would do. How he's just a football coach and if the fundamental issues want to be addressed others higher up need to want change. He spoke on issues his team faced that he had to fix, among other things wrong with the criticism.

He also went at the critics who went at his phrasing of he would save HBCUs. Look the issue isn't what he did as a coach. As a coach he was successful. I guess the majority of his critic's issues is that he gave false promises outside of football. And whether or not he wants to address that, that's neither here nor there. However, he did make said promises.

Coach Prime did a lot for JSU and hopefully, the upward trend they experienced can continue. Only time will tell whose decision was right.

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