DCFS is offering a second chance to delinquent dads and moms who’ve had their driver’s license revoked for not paying child support. The “Back on the Road” program allows you to pay a smaller portion of your back owed debts so you can get behind the wheel again.

Child Support Enforcement Director Lydia Scales says if they can get parents road eligible, they’re more likely to pay their debts.

“You know it’s all about the children and we want to put more of that money into the household especially because school is starting and they could all use some extra funding.”

Once parents contact a child support officer in their area and arrange the payment, they will be given a form to take to the Office of Motor Vehicles to reinstate their license. Scales says before they get that form though, they’ll need to make a solid contribution to their child’s well-being.

“They will have to provide two months of their child support order, their ongoing support, and an additional hundred dollars that will go towards their arrears.”

Scales says there’s a few ways parents can get the process of road reinstatement started.

“They can contact their local child support office, they can walk into the office, they can go online, or they can call our customer service number.”

The program ends September 28th.

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