The internet has mixed feelings about this one.

A video has surfaced from outside of AT&T Stadium that shows defensive star Demarcus Lawerence of the Dallas Cowboys turning down an autograph request from a kid.

The young boy was wearing a New York Giants jersey when he asked Lawerence for his autograph, but the stud defensive player was having none of it.

Not only did he not sign his autograph for the Giants fan, but he also informed the kids that he was wearing the wrong jersey.

As predicted, many online feel like Lawerence went overboard here, while others find it to be funny that he simply walked past the kid.

Since the video has gone viral, Demarcus has said that he will write an apology to the kid if he still feels bad over the jab and that he hopes the young Giants fan gets a Demarcus Lawerence jersey for Christmas.

Being a Cowboys fan, I need to note that this isn't the first time kids are turned down by a star in the NFL. Remember this?

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