The Louisiana Department of Insurance urges families to compare rates for insurance and homeowners insurance to get the best protection.

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says a home and car are the biggest investments people make. He says on their website,, they provide a rate guide to help people find the best policy.

“And so, to properly ensure it and cover those risks that they should in fact have protection for, we make this available.”

Donelon says many victims of the recent floods only had liability coverage on their flooded vehicles so they were not insured for that loss.

“If you don’t get comprehensive coverage added to your liability policy, then for events like theft, like flood, you’re on your own.”

Donelon says the “shop your rates tool” on their website will provide people information on the different types of coverage and what is included and what isn’t. He says the tool will determine the cost of your policy by adding up different factors.

“Accident history, what your coverages will be, gender, age, marital status, credit score, all of those different factors."