Spring is here, and with it, a hunger for us to get outside and enjoy some fresh air after being cooped up for the long winter months. And for some of us, being Inside during quarantine has us busting at the seams for some fun and outdoor activities. And the people at Dick's Sporting Goods can appreciate that.

With so many gyms being closed during the coronavirus pandemic there was a huge shift to remain fit by either working out at home or relocating to limited outdoor activities. Not surprisingly, this was good news for Dick's, who reported $3.13 billion in revenue for their quarter ending on January 30, which no doubt shocked the folks on Wall Street.

Corporate officials with the sporting goods giant have opened a new concept store that they are calling "experiential". The first store is located in Rochester, New York, with another to open in May in Knoxville, Tennessee. And if these prove to be successful, the company will look at opening more across the US.

The stores are called Dick's House of Sports, and they will focus on giving customers more of a hands-on experience, and not just for shopping. According to USA Today, the stores will include an outdoor field for sporting events, a rock-climbing wall, and indoor wellness spaces. And, also fitness experts who will be in house to advise customers about equipment and workout routines. For folks who have been used to ordering everything online with no customer service whatsoever, this will be a fresh concept, and one that Dick's hopes will continue in the fututre.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Lafayette is located at Ambassador Towne Center at 110 Old Camp Road.


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