I love football uniforms!

In today's game, some teams focus on loud colors to get attention for their franchise/school such as Oregon (this is one of many for them).

Some teams try to incorporate fashion statements into their uniforms. They sure do love their camo in North Louisiana!


And some teams try to go for intimidation, though, in Tennessee's case their play on the field is a lot more intimidating than these uniforms.

And then there were the 1933 Cleveland Bulldogs! They were a minor league football team who went to great lengths to try to scare their opponents. They wore skeleton uniforms for an entire season and played at night so they could "scare" their opponents.

Pretty cool, huh? And, just think: football was a mostly day game but this out-of-the-box team made playing football at night popular.

The 1933 Cleveland Bulldogs were in the Halloween spirit all season long!

NFL Players And Fans Have Fun With Halloween

During Sunday's NFL games, you could see fans dressed up in costumes all across the country. Some of these fans took to social media to share the Halloween spirit with others!

Yes, Buffalo Bills fans are excited about beating the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football.

The Philadelphia Eagles also have a pretty good team as well - the only one that's still undefeated in the NFL.

And this one was my favorite as Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott is back under center and back to doing his pregame warmups (as mimicked perfectly by this NFL fan!)


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