Five Feet Apart hit theaters last weekend and has shown promising results in the box office.

The story follows two teenagers with CF whose attraction for each other is limited by the restrictions of their illness.

With medical dramas like this, it can leave people wondering if the movie accurately portrays the disease at hand.

“I think it accurately portrays the emotional aspect,” said pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Greg Omlor of the Lewis H. Walker CF Center at Children's Hospital.

He continues, "all staff are aware of the emotional aspect of the disease and work through that with patients. More specifically, we have a social worker and behavioral medicine specialist to help with the emotional aspect of living with CF.”

But according to a report by, there are several things the movie gets wrong.

While the film depicts several scenes in which CF patients congregate in lobbies, or exercise together, the reality is the CF patients are often confined to their room unless they are going to physical therapy.

Additionally, many of the masks in the film called 'Vogmasks' are not approved by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

But, despite some inaccuracies in the medical aspect of the movie, the doctors in the report gave the film a 'thumbs up' overall.