Brad "Bones" Glorioso wants to educate Louisiana when it comes to its snakes.

Glorioso is a professional herpetologist, so that means he's an expert when it comes to all things snakes, reptilian and amphibian. He has actually spent the last year creating a large glossy poster that identifies all the venomous snakes in Louisiana.

The Louisiana snake enthusiast wants to share his knowledge with the state when it comes to these snakes, and maybe even change a few minds when it comes to the perception of how dangerous and threatening they really are.

I’m hoping to change a lot of hearts and minds about snakes. Snakes are a part of Louisiana’s rich natural heritage. Fifty species of snakes reside in our state, most of them harmless and rarely bite people.

Glorioso says that venomous snakes "pose virtually no risk to people."

Most bites happen to people who try to handle or kill snakes; the rest are due to people not watching where they put their hands or feet.

So how do we prevent bites? What do we do when we see a snake that we're unsure of in our yard or near our property?

Glorioso's answer is simple: Don't kill it.

To be specific, he says to simply "leave snakes alone."

He believes that snakes are the only species that people will kill first "and ask questions later." Glorioso's work over the last several years includes teaching people how reptiles and amphibians play a role in Louisiana's ecosystem.


While Glorioso isn't wrong about the importance of the role that reptiles and amphibians play, the majority of people who come across a snake are likely to be far more afraid than educated.

Even when informed that a snake is harmless, some parents don't want their children or other family members to even have the chance to stumble upon them accidentally. So, they "eradicate" the problem ASAP.

As temperatures begin to warm up, snake photos are popping up on social media like crazy so use Glorioso's chart as an identifier and be on alert. Even if you're fearful of snakes, it's good to know that they aren't looking to chase you around the yard until they can bite you.

Brad Glorioso
Brad Glorioso

Either way, its probably a good idea to be vigilant in areas where snakes may be hiding for safety or shelter.

Check out more info on Glorioso's poster and his mission here.

Venomous Snakes in Louisiana

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