This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Raymond 'LaLa' Lalanne joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the Lafayette Parish School Board's decision to fire Dr. Pat Cooper as well as an Obamacare architect's recent admission that lack of transparency ultimately led to the legislation's passing.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Last week the school board voted to fire Dr. Cooper. Monday night they appointed Burnell LeJuene as interim superintendent. The board also agreed the responsibility of finding a new superintendent belongs to the new school board taking office in January. Your thoughts?

Carol Ross started us off:

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a healing period. Mr. LeJuene is widely respected in the system and will probably be a good caretaker superintendent for the time being. 
I would advise Dr. Cooper to just drop it. Hopefully this new board will come in with open minds and search for the best superintendent they can. 

Raymond 'LaLa' Lalanne posited:

Certainly I think it’s correct to wait on appointing a new superintendent until the new board at least gets its feet on the ground. I’ve known lejurne for many years. He’s not going to rock the boat and he’s going to allow everyone to get a solid foundation.
I fault Dr. Cooper as much as the board, because if you can’t work with your employer, you’ve got a problem. That’s abrasive.

Mike Stagg added:

I think this is a good move. The new board will have to make the decision. The process they will use to make a new decision will take a few months. There needs to be an opportunity for the new board to come in, create a new climate, and then within the new climate hire a superintendent that will best work in that climate.

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2. An architect for what is now the Affordable Care Act referred to the “stupidity of the American voter” and a lack of transparency being critical in the law receiving final passage. Your thoughts?

Mike started us off:

It’s an unfortunate choice of words but he’s essentially right and has since defended his comments. The idea that we can somehow solve problems without revenue is a myth but that’s the myth that keeps getting perpetuated on the right.
The political pressures that were created by all this disinformation created a political headwind that didn’t allow rational discussion to take place. This law will survive because it will preserve the healthcare purchases of everyone.

Carol posited:

The American people weren’t stupid, the Democrats were stupid. The reason costs are coming down is because many more people are losing insurance than gaining insurance. To call it the stupidity of the American voter is unbelievable. If the American voter had the chance to vote on this it never would have passed.

LaLa concluded:

You’ve got to admire his arrogance. People blame politicians a lot. The bureaucracy really controls the government, and people like that should be fired immediately because they do not care about the people themselves.

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